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Well, not much actually!  I live in a fairly small flat and it is currently undergoing some modernisation.  I had started to create the layout.  Baseboards were built and track laying was well underway when the landlord announced this scope of work.  From a general point of view, it’s great news.  The flat will be much improved following the work and I will have a very much larger space for my trains.  However, from the layout aspect, not so good!

The, then current, baseboard would not work in the new space when it became available.  The options were to continue with what would become essentially a waste of time, effort and money, or, stop, wait and start over.

I looked at what I had, assessed the possibility of re-using the track and points, then decided that I simply couldn’t face continuing with the work in the certain knowledge that it would be scrapped before long.  The trackage was lifted and the remainder of the baseboard underwent a short but decisive meeting with my circular saw.

So, progress is restricted to non-baseboard based items (lumpy grammar there but I’m sure you know what I mean). Some of that is covered in the pages on ‘Buildings’ and some in ‘Electricals’.

I hope to be able to replace this section with some real progress information before too long.

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