KNK Zing Air Plotter/cutter…

This is the computer driven plotter/cutter that I use. It comes with the software package ‘Make The Cut’.

The machine is much more sophisticated than the only other one which I have used which was one of the Cricut models. My main reason for choosing this one was its ability to work with much thicker material than just about all of the units available on the hobby market.

I don’t actually like the software that comes with the machine but that is a personal thing. I would like some software that is based more on the CAD style of operation since I am quite used to that way of working. But, with that said, it does the job. It forces me to think at each step and that is not my style at all!

I have found the machine and software to have a pretty steep learning curve. However, with some perseverance, advice from an experienced user (thanks Mike), and a fair amount of ‘YouTubing’, I am getting the hang of it.

The ‘Air’ part of the machines name seems to refer to the fact that it can be driven via BlueTooth (cable free) and that it can be voice controlled. I haven’t even experimented with either of those features and I don’t expect that I ever will. Seems like gimmicks to me and I would have preferred it if they had spent the money on supplying a handful of spare blades!

At the time of writing, February 2016, the machines are on back order and are not likely to be available until at least April. If you want to buy one, then you should plan on that as the earliest purchase date and you should be aware that you can not expect much change out of £400. Don’t be too surprised if it is more than that once April comes around.

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